I've been pregnant 6 times. 3 of those ended in an abortion...

"I've been pregnant 6 times. 3 of those ended in an abortion. I have tried 4 different methods of birth control in 10 years. 5 of my pregnancies occurred while using some method of contraception, often hormonal and condoms at the same time.

I was actively trying NOT to get pregnant, so why was my body betraying me? Why couldn't I successfully take a pill or get a shot like normal women?

I never wanted an abortion. But I also didn't want to forgo my college education. I didn't want to have children when I couldn't care for them. I didn't want another high risk pregnancy that would likely end my life. I didn't want my husband and I to resent each other and our children. I didn't want my children to resent one another. And, though I struggle with guilt, I don't want any other woman to feel ashamed when she realizes abortion is the right decision for her."


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