I found out I was pregnant January 4th, 2018...

"I found out I was pregnant January 4th, 2018. I’m a 26 year old and all I could mutter in my work bathroom was ‘no no no no no’. Before I even went to the doctor I scheduled the abortion. I’ve always been aware of abortion and have done research in the past out of curiosity, but of course I never thought I’d have to make the decision.

I’m past my teenage years, I’m capable of raising a child and if I’m honest I want nothing more than a child...yet there’s always a but. I wasn’t with the father, he was just a good friend (who was made aware and agreed as he already had a child), and I’m moving soon. I make decent money, yet I still struggle to fully support myself; how would I support a baby?

Leading up to the ‘day’ I was a nervous wreck. I was crying a lot, but mostly because of fear. I was told not to take anxiety medications the day of. The clinic was old but the people inside were amazing, understanding, loving. They gave me a hand written note that confirms that I am not alone. They gave me a plant. They played light hearted, funny movies while you wait.

The procedure itself was fast, the doctor and nurse were incredibly kind, it was slightly painful but mostly all I can say is it just felt ‘weird’. I was 6 weeks 2 days. I am one week out, still dealing with slight bleeding and unable to suck in my stomach.

I wish circumstances were different, I wish this decision never had to be made, but it did and I’m thankful I had that choice. I’m thankful I can begin to get my life back." —Anonymous

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