I was 21, about to graduate...

“I was 21, about to graduate and had been with my boyfriend two years. Our relationship wasn’t at its best point we were struggling. I was in my last year of uni and we just moved in together. We got lost & then I found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t an accident and it wasn’t planned I was on the pill and the pill had failed.

We discussed it wasn’t right. How can we bring a helpless & innocent child into our mess? How can we salvage our relationship when we have a baby on the way? How can we afford this I’m a student & he worked in a supermarket barley getting 25 hours a week we could just about support ourselves.

I went to the doctor and we spoke about my options. It was clear to us both it wasn’t the right timing and a baby deserves everything and that wasn’t something we could give. The doctors took 3 weeks to set up an appointment at the abortion clinic, in this time I was driving myself crazy! Reading stories on it, googling everything I could and I caused so much anxiety I made my self ill.

Once I had the date I had a scan I was 14 weeks and 5 days. They said We could see the baby but We decided not too. I was too far along for any other option but the tablet. I took the tablet and had to go for bloods and went back 3 days later for the final stage. I was stressed and worried.

Sunday came and I was leaving to go to the hospital. It was fine I had my own room I had to take 2 tablets and wait. The pain took some time to kick in, it wasn’t as scary as I had read it was just like having the worst period pains in the world but after some painkillers it went. Every time I went to the toilet I had to tell them. The abortion was underway 4 hours later and I felt something it felt stuck like a massive clot I put my hand there and it was a pair of legs. I called the nurse and she said to push so I did. It was over in seconds the pain went immediately. And I had to wait a few hours before I could leave.

I’m writing this because it isn’t an easy choice to make. It’s hard emotionally and physically but you know the right choice for your life. Never be ashamed and never be afraid. We are in fab place now with a baby due July 2018. My choice made me & my partner stronger and made me appreciate those closest to me. It’s your body & it’s most defiantly YOUR right X” —Charlotte

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