It is officially a week and a half since I had a medical abortion....

"It is officially a week and a half since I had a medical abortion. At my first follow up appointment (about 4 days after inserting the misoprostol), I no longer had an active pregnancy, however, there was some blood in my uterus that was just there. My doctor said that needs to come out, either by itself or with the help of another two misoprostol.

Here's a secret... if this happens to you, my Indian friend who knows lots of Indian natural remedies/traditions, told me to eat lots of pineapple. Well guess what... I went home and ate pineapple until I felt like exploding and within half hour I was bleeding.

I was also pretty horny about 7 days post abortion. Today was my second follow up (at a week and a half) and that blood pocket is gone!! ALL CLEAR!!!

I went home and peed on a pregnancy test and it finally says 'NOT PREGNANT.'

My breasts are back to normal size, I'm not bloated, I'm not an emotional mess..... I'm me!!!!!!!!

Although this is a stressful time, this too shall pass and you'll be back to normal. There's no shame in having an abortion! I had an IUD for ten years and I got pregnant. Some things just happen." —Adriana

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