I've had a Paragard IUD for 9 years now...

"I've had a Paragard IUD for 9 years now. I always knew I didn't want kids. Been married for 10 years now. Last month, my breasts were swollen, sore, and just really uncomfortable. I thought it was PMS. I was two days late getting my period so I bought a home pregnancy test. Guess what? Negative. Next day I bought another. Positive!!!

Immediately I contacted my gynecologist and told her. She said to come in and confirm with a blood test. I was shy to ask, but I asked could she direct me to someone or somewhere for an abortion. She said she can help me. I never felt ashamed of my decision.

She gave me two options: medical abortion and surgical. She said it's up to me, but said the medical option would be easier for me (no surgery). I was about 4 weeks along, maybe 5. Her real concern was that it was an ectopic pregnancy since I had an IUD. After an ultrasound, it was confirmed to be a normal pregnancy in my uterus. I scheduled to go to her office to take the first pill, mifepristone.

It made me a little dizzy and light headed, as if I had a shot of tequila but no big deal. After about 38 hours, I inserted the 4 misoprostol tabs in my vagina and about 30 minutes later, the cramping started. I suggest taking a painkiller and ibuprofen beforehand. The cramping was SEVERE!!!! I was also sweating, hot flashes followed by chills and shivering. I threw up once and had diarrhea.

The pain lasted 3 hours nonstop. The bleeding started 4 hours after inserting the pills. It was incredibly painful and I strongly suggest you have someone at home with you. It is not safe to be alone. You will feel weak, dizzy, and scared. Thank God my husband stayed home and helped get me blankets, puke bucket, chicken soup, etc. If I EVER got pregnant again, I would definitely go the surgical route. I can't imagine anything being worse than this. Every women's experience is different. Some say it wasn't a big deal. For me, I wanted to die. The pain was unbearable. I kept telling my husband 'I want to die.'

There is power is knowledge. Do your homework and see which option is best. Also, ask your gynecologist before going to a clinic. I'm so happy I asked. I love my doctor and didn't want to go to a clinic where I was just a number. Stay strong! You got this!!" —Jaqui

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