Let me start with a little back story...

"Let me start with a little back story... I became pregnant with my second child about two years after my husband and I became married. We were so happy and excited to be welcoming a baby girl. When I had her it was like everything had changed inside of me. I was depressed. I was over weight and caught myself just being hateful to my family and friends for no reason.

Now don’t get me wrong I was still thankful for the life I had just delivered but something changed inside of me I couldn’t control. It took over two years to get my myself out of this postpartum depression and it was not easy.

So things started to become 'normal' to me and my family again. My husband and I both started and run our own businesses now. We had just purchased a home and Life was grand until I the day I found out I was pregnant. I cried for a week straight. My husband cried for even longer. He was terrified I would revert back to being so unhappy and all I could think about was hating the thought of going through that sadness again.

I contemplated killing myself. Now this may seem drastic and self centered to some but my postpartum depression almost had me to the point of taking my own life anyways.

So my husband took action and talked to me and said he wasn’t sure we could handle another baby and I didn’t have to be embarrassed to say I didn’t want another child. We discussed all options and both decided together that abortion would be the best way to move on in a happy direction.

People seem to put so much sigma on abortion, I myself started feeling like a bad person for just wanting to live a happy life and be the best mommy I could be to my children. If it wasn’t for the women’s center in my neighborhood I honestly do not think I would still be here. I 100% know that I would have not survived another stint with postpartum." —Anonymous

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