I had my first abortion three weeks ago...

"I had my first abortion three weeks ago, and it changed everything and nothing. I’ve been pro-choice for years and knew that someday I may have to make that decision, but I never expected it to be at 28 while married with children.

Working full time with no insurance, two special needs children, and a medically challenged husband is already soul crushing, getting a positive pregnancy test was less than reassuring. What was reassuring was the place that I went. My husband and I drove three hours while our children were watched by friends to a small house and paid $500 for peace of mind.

I won’t say I never think about the child that could have been, but I can give my non-verbal two year old time he needs and sit down and help my eight year old with his homework; with another child this would be impossible.

The clinic I went to was amazing, starting from the phone call I made to them, and I will never regret my choice. The only thing I feel shame over is that my extended family is so close-minded that I will never get to speak to them about it." —Amber

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