I was a teenager who had unprotected sex with my boyfriend....

"I was a teenager who had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. My family was very supportive but very Catholic and although I had a choice I didn't really feel like I did. So I got married and had a child. I also got divorced by the time I was 19 and as a High school dropout I was pregnant again because I wasn't educated about my options and wasn't on birth control. I felt stupid and irresponsible but I knew I could not support another child.

The women at Planned Parenthood were objective and supportive and nonjudgmental. They didn't bias me one way or the other, just gave me the facts. It was the first time in my life anyone really empowered me to make my own decision. It was and still is a legal, medical procedure that enabled me to have the time to get an education and build a very successful career over the next few years. There is no way my life would be what it is now without the support of the women- all women- who helped me through that decision.

This is a women's health issue. Not a moral, religious, or man's decision. Your body, your life, your rights. Your legal right to proper health care and agency over your own body and your own life. Mine would not be what it is now if not for that moment I exerted my legal right to choose for myself what would happen to my life and use my abilities to take care of my son and build the life to come for both of us. Choose for yourself. That's what all those women (and some men) fought for. They fought for you. So you could have this choice now." —Chris

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