Today I had a surgical abortion. I was 10 weeks...

“So I went for an ultrasound a few weeks ago and found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. Today I had a surgical abortion. I was 10 weeks. Everything was rather fast and the staff were absolutely lovely. I was given two tablets to dilate my cervix, that was the most painful part. It felt like strong cramps. After about a hour, I was whisked to theatre. I had a canular fitted into my hand and was given general anaesthetic, I was too scared to stay awake. I was also given an oxygen mask. All of this was new to me. I was asleep in a matter of seconds. When I awoke I was in the recovery room. Nurses came and gave me painkillers of my choice, I opted for paracetomol but codeine was available. When I was feeling alot more awake I was returned to my ward. I felt perfectly fine, other than a very light period pain. I wasnt bleeding very much either. I got dressed and told the nurse I felt better. She gave me a cup of tea, a few cookies and then removed my canular and filled in my discharge documents. I also opted to have the depot injection as my form of contraception :) this was given just before I went home. I am now lying in bed with a hot water bottle, I've not needed any pain relief since I got home at all.

Yes I am worried that people will judge me. But it was my abortion. My life. My choice. I do not regret it as I would never want a child growing up in this society.” —Anonymous

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