A year after my daughter was born, I became pregnant again...

“A year after my daughter was born, I became pregnant again. I was happy because I had wanted 2 children. I was only concerned that the 2 children would just be 2 years apart. I may be fatigued taking care of 2 small children. I was 38; I would be 56 by the time the younger one finished high school.

My husband, on the contrary, was not happy. He did not want to have the child. He had also not wanted the 1st child either. But we weren’t married then and we didn’t live together. I went ahead and had the 1st child. It put a strain on our relationship. We reconciled later and he moved into my house and we married. I wanted our marriage to work & decided to have an abortion.

I was lucky to find Planned Parenthood near my home. I went in by myself. It was a very uneventful surgery. It was not painful. I did shed a tear; a tear for the unborn child. It was a girl. I rested that day and went back to work the next day.

A year later, I was pregnant again. Again my husband was opposed to its birth. This time I started bleeding. I went to Planned Parenthood. If there was a problem, then I didn’t want to have the child. This time there were protesters outside the clinic. Their eyes judged me; their voices were full of rancor; their signs condemned me. They reminded me that I was taking a life. That may be. But there was a problem w/this pregnancy. Something was wrong. I had to take care of myself so I can take care of my daughter.

Those protesters had no compassion. They just stood behind their position w/o understanding the reasons behind each woman’s decision to terminate a pregnancy. I was irritated that I was making the best decision for the embryo, myself, and my daughter. Yet these people thought themselves fit to judge me.

Inside the clinic, I was told that I was likely to miscarry. I had an abortion. I had no regrets this time. I am so grateful Planned Parenthood was available to me so that I could have safe abortions. The staff treated me well and did not condemn me for my choice. I shudder to think of that option being removed for my daughter and millions of other women; to go back to illegal abortions (the shame, the danger, the lack of respect for women’s choices). —Janet

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