I am married and have two beautiful little girls...

“I am married and have two beautiful little girls, I didn't want more children as of now, I don't know if I'd change my mind later so I had opted to have an IUD inserted as opposed to tubal ligation. I go to my appointment, they give me a pregnancy test, and SURPRISE, it's positive. I felt my world crash around me, I can't mentally, physically or financially have a 3rd.

I cried to my husband, I did not want to be pregnant, I had daily headaches, vommitting, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia with my daughter's. I didn't realize I was having symptoms for 10 WEEKS due to my medications that cause similar side effects. I wouldn't live through another pregnancy since my kidneys started to fail when I had my last one and I had to go on anti seizure medication during and after labor for 48 hours. In the end I had to think about my own well being, my husband and our children.

So I made the appointments, found out NONE of the PP's in my area offer any type of sedation, just a local and 800mg ibuprofen, and I freaked. Couldn't find another clinic to take me before the first trimester would end. I read online, every day for a week, looking for stories of women who had only local anesthetic. I barely found any that didn't describe the pain as excruciating. I've had two vaginal births and a LEEP done under local so I know the shots to the cervix are not pleasant.

But thankfully at my office the nurses and doctors were amazing and so sweet to me, we even joked a bit. They let me take my muscle relaxers and anxiety meds 45 min prior to surgery. If anyone has prescriptions of your own that would block pain or control anxiety, TAKE THEM. The lidocaine shots and the dilation were the worst of it, if you've never given birth it will be intense for you but bearable. I barely head the suction and it was over start to finish in 5 minutes, no exaggerations. I felt good enough to leave after 20 min, went home and took a 4 hour nap. Cramping is minimal if at all noticeable, bleeding like a like a period. Was never emotional and never questioned my decision.

You know your life better than anyone else, you know what you can handle, this is nothing to be ashamed of.” —Anonymous

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