From a young age, I have always wanted children...

“From a young age, I have always wanted children, don't get me wrong there is no question about that, however falling pregnant at 18, whilst on birth control, really was not the plan. I am incredibly lucky in that my boyfriend, no matter what my decision, would not of left me. However it's obvious that we just weren't and aren't ready to start a family yet, as heart breaking as it was.

I found out I was pregnant on June 4th and that's a date I will never forget. I have never been so scared in my life, nor unsure of who to tell or who to talk too. After phoning my doctor requesting an abortion, the earliest they could see me for a consultation was 8 weeks time! I understand doctors are busy and there are people worse off than me, but having to wait that long would have ruined me.

They also would not book me in for an abortion without discussion of other options with me to my face. I knew what my decision was and it actually rages me that they'd want to put you through that even though you have made a decision. It's my body and my choice.

This is where BPAS came into play and I honestly cannot recommend the association enough, I was booked in for two weeks time after I had found out, no questions asked, for same day treatment. On arrival everyone was incredibly friendly and warming. They first spoke to me alone and not with my partner. They then brought him into the room and we had a discussion as a pair. An ultra sound was then preformed revealing I was 6 weeks pregnant and not only that, but I was carrying twins. We would have struggled with one baby, let alone two! Blood samples where taken and the all clear was given, even though I do have bad blood pressure.

Treatment was incredibly easy and simple with the abortion pill. I did not feel any pain on the drive home or for a further two hours after the treatment. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I have been one to always have severe period pains and I can safely say the pain was worse than breaking a bone. I was also incredibly sick and passed out multiple times. This did unfortunately lead to me spending the night in a&e due to severe dehydration and my blood pressure plumiting.

BPAS where so incredibly kind and helpful however, ringing back to check I was okay after being given the news. Also offering not only support sessions for me, but also for my boyfriend. And here I am, two weeks later and my bleeding has completely stopped and I have had two negative pregnancy test, showing treatment had work.

Everyone's bodies work differently so my experience will be different to everyone's, but if I have learnt, it's keep someone with you at all times and don't let yourself be alone. It's your body, your choice and you shouldn't let anyone influence this.

I am possibly one of the youngest girls I know to have had an abortion and I still want to have children, but I'm not ready, they wouldn't have had the life I wanted to give them, it would have put a severe restrain on our relationship and in all would have ruined me. I've got a life to live and a family to start a few years down the line, but not now.” —Rhi

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