Abortion. The word alone is intimidating...

“So I'm currrently 2 days post abortion and I think now is a good time to share my story. Abortion. The word alone is intimidating. I remember looking at the two positive pregnancy tests (at just 20 years old) and thinking, "what have I done?" My choice was not hard. I knew in my heart I was not right place, emotionally, mentally and financially to bring a baby into this world. I knew abortion was my best option. The father (who I had a one night stand with) was very supportive.

So here it is: I went to planned parenthood where my first appointment consisted of drawing blood, and getting an ultra sound. I saw the embryo and gained a whole new appreciation for reproduction. I decided to the surgical procedure at 7 weeks gestation. I arrived the day of the procedure and waited. Finally being called back to the operating room I was so nervous. They gave me and iv and told me how bad ass I was. I had two nurses supporting me and talking to me through the entire procedure. It was quick. The doctor and nurses started right away. I was so relaxed by the pain medicine I hardly knew it happened. One big cramp and tug and I was heading to recovery room. I felt relieved. I was done. I was supported, cared for and not alone.

It is so scary but you are not alone. And you got this.” —Anonymous


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