Due to contraceptive failure, I found myself pregnant in May, just as he was graduating...

“In 1974 I was 20 years old and finishing my sophomore year in college. My boyfriend was graduating from college and moving back home (two states away). Due to contraceptive failure, I found myself pregnant in May, just as he was graduating and getting ready to leave. When I missed my period, I knew without a doubt that if I was pregnant I was going to have an abortion. I never wavered in my decision. I wanted to finish college, I had plans for my life, I could not imagine telling my parents that I was pregnant and not married (which was a big deal in 1974).

As soon as a doctor confirmed I was pregnant (no home pregnancy tests back then), I contacted Preterm to schedule my abortion. My boyfriend paid for the abortion and came with me to Preterm. The overwhelming feeling I had when it was over was pure relief. I have never for one moment regretted having an abortion. I suffered no trauma or sadness from the experience. Even at the age of 20, I knew my own mind and knew what was right for me.

I was lucky abortion was legal in 1974. I remember in high school hearing about girls who had the means to go to New York where abortion was legal, but never gave any thought at that time to what the girls who could not go to New York did. I am forever grateful that Preterm was there for me.” —Karen

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