I made some drunk decisions one night and ended up raped...

“I made some drunk decisions one night and ended up raped. I never told anyone that either. When my friends asked about my bruises, I told them I liked it rough. When my mom drove me to the abortion clinic I told her it was a one night stand.

That was in 2007. I had an abortion that year. I don't feel bad about it. I remember everyone who worked and volunteered at the clinic were quite literally the kindest people ever, so thanks for your kindness! The people protesting outside actually helped me too, they got me to focus on something else, so thanks douchebags.

Fast forward to 2016. I gave birth to the sweetest, happiest , most amazing little dude. I am emotionally and mentally ready and there for him. He also gets to have a loving father. We both have good jobs and can support him financially. The arrival of my favorite person on earth really sured up my feelings on the abortion I had. I did kinda wonder if I made the right decision for a while. But after giving birth I realized that I really did make the right decision in 2007. It would not have been fair to that fertilized embryo. But this baby now, he gets the good life.” —Jessie

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