i am not sure where to begin about my abortion story because i am no writer, but i do have feelings

“i am not sure where to begin about my abortion story because i am no writer, but i do have feelings that i would like to share about my experience. i had an abortion when i was 16 years old in 2006 when the MTV show 'Teen Mom' had first aired. i had taken my pregnancy test at the bathroom of my high school because i had paid an older student to provide me with a pregnancy test that i was too afraid to buy myself.

At this time in my life i had felt very hurt and objectified by most everyone around me. The father kicked me out of my home because who i was dating at the time was a high school drop out at the age of 18 (me being 16) and he was a drug dealer. when my family had learned about my pregnancy at my age i was emotionally isolated. My father who had always been a support to my life had emotionally abandoned me and kicked me out of his own home and left me to seek refuge at my older sister's home. i had made the choice very early in my pregnancy that it wasn't going to be a good direction for my life.

I am only writing this testimonial because i am thankful for that choice that i have been lucky enough to have safely. it is a truly hard debate to witness when there is a world of people out there who truly dont understand what it means to have this struggle. it hurts me to the core to witness people who have never been put in such situations to stand behind their opinions about abortion. because if you ask me, my early and non painful abortion has saved my entire life. it hurts me to see people degrade women who have had abortions. i have to say something somewhere.” — kia massie

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