I had two abortions...

"I had two abortions. The first one was in 1970. I was 19, in college, using a Dalkon shield iud for contraception. When I found out I was pregnant, I was filled with horror. I felt like my body had been colonized by an alien. The thought of having a baby was inconceivable.

Fortunately, I was referred by the college counseling service to a clinic in NY where abortion was legal. My boyfriend and I drove out from OH to the spotless clinic where I was treated with kindness and dignity. The pregnancy was terminated at 7 wks. My only emotions were relief and gratitude. I have no doubt that had abortion not been available, I would have tried to self-abort or commit suicide.

I became pregnant again about 18 months later having been talked into using a different iud. This time I wanted to have the baby, but my soon to be husband absolutely refused to hear of it, and also refused to go to NY with me.

To my horror, the clinic was now in a house, with the abortion (at 9 wks) literally performed in the kitchen. I then had to fly back alone. I mourned that baby for years. Even after I had 2 children of my own, that phantom child stayed with me.

Despite that, I defend the right of any woman to have free, legal, safe abortions on demand. No compulsory ultrasounds, no onerous waiting periods, no requirements on the clinic which have nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics." —Susan Lubell

#preRoe #relief #gratitude #prochoice

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