I really did think that nothing would ever happen to me...

"I was 19. I really did think that nothing would ever happen to me and I was embarrassed to educate myself about sex. I was afraid to ask my mom or gynecologist about birth control or even buy condoms to keep in my room.

I had just gotten back form traveling and missed my period when when I got home. He accused me of being crazy, making it up and sleeping around. We lived in the same dorm and I never saw him during the whole process. He refused to talk in person and would send me y a weekly text to see if it was over.

The decision to have an abortion was one of the easiest I’ve ever made. It actually didn’t seem like a decision because I was never weighing any other options. Driving into the city was annoying but the protesters outside didn’t harass me. I chose to take the pill and I also chose to only tell the guy. I was in school two days later.

For the next two weeks I was in the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Still, there was no moment that I regretted my decision or even wondered what it would be like to have chosen to carry the pregnancy. In fact, I was bracing myself for that moment because of everything I had read online but it never came.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that for some women, choosing to have an abortion is extremely difficult and emotional. For others, like me, it is not. No woman having an abortion does it for the same reason or has the same feelings about it.

It’s been two years and I am graduation in May with a degree in Architecture. He has a beautiful daughter now with his significant other. We are both living the lives we were supposed to and learned incredibly important life lessons. Had I a chance to redo that year, I wouldn’t." —nonymous

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