When you're 15 you don't think hard about things...

“When you're 15 you don't think hard about things. All I wanted was to have a boyfriend to love me.

Parents who love you isn't enough when you are adopted and think you were not supposed to be born. So he tells you he will take care of you no matter what happens. Oh, he says he has a friend who's dad is a doctor? Good, he will know what to do. You just go along and think I'm so lucky he thinks I'm pretty enough to f**k. This is what a teenager thinks! He is everything and everything is him.

Well it was seeming like a long time since my last period. So I told my boyfriend that I thought I was maybe pregnant. He said he didn't want to do anything. I was smart enough not to wait.

I realized quickly that I HAD to tell my mom. My parents were the ones who take care of me, and I don't want a baby now, in Jr high! Maybe never! It was real now, and I had to act soon. My mom knew I needed a pregnancy test and birth control, she knew I needed to go to Preterm.” —Brenda


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