25 years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cysts...

“25 years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cysts and modern medicine wasn't even what it is, today. I was strongly urged to have a hysterectomy at 18, despite what I was specifically told would be a huge issue for my hormones and adult development. In their minds, I'd already lived well past when I was supposed to have, but one female doctor pulled me aside and told me that I could ask to opt for a d+c to try to take care of it, instead, which was more experimental, but which might help me to continue to grow to a more adult height, have less risk of causing hormone issues or a lifetime of hormone treatments. No matter what, I was likely to never be able to bear a child, regardless of the path I picked. I'd already been experimented on plenty, already, but I was still very sensitive about my height and lack of adult development, and I chose the experimental option.

The problem, at the time and to this day, was that the d+c was *always* medically considered "an abortion", no matter the reason for it. My insurance company wouldn't cover it and most hospitals didn't even have the equipment for it. The planned parenthood people were really great about trying to give it a go, but lacked doctors who had any experience with cysts, in this fashion... and my then doctor refused to work with "those people", much less risk his life to help me out.

It took me 2 years of working with and thru the doctors at PP to find someone who was willing to try it. That gave me plenty of time to work and save the money, but they got *bad*. Pre-surgery ultrasounds showed ‘dense clusters of tissue. 85% surface approx.’ And the pain was often excruciating. I had to put everything I had, at the time, into "an abortion" because no one would help.

I helped women and doctors come and go, the entire morning of my surgery. They were yelled at, assulted, thrown around, jabbed with signs, hit with rocks. Their lives threatened after pictures were taken. Several of the signs already had women's faces on them.

Long before I ever had to consider an abortion, for myself, I knew what it would be like to just try and get to one. I never even had to consider the moral or ethical ramifications of a life involved, and it was hell.

I'll never back down on this topic. No one should ever have to go thru that, no matter their reasons. Ever Again.

The ‘abortion’ I had 24 years ago, is the only thing that allowed me to have a child 2 and a half years ago. A lot of anti-abortion people I talk to never like hearing that part.

And for those of you who Have ever needed this, or ever need to do so, I will always have your back as much as I am able. We should all should have safe choices and options that don't take 2 years to achieve.” —Anonymous

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