In 1972 as a college freshman...

“In 1972 as a college freshman, I got carried away one evening with a young man I had been dating occasionally. We went too far, and I lost my virginity. I was so devastated by our loose of control that I never saw or spoke to this young man again.

Weeks later I discovered I was pregnant. I struggled with telling my mom for fear she would want me to marry this young man. When she finally confronted me, I lied and said I had been with several men and had no idea who the father was. She then did the most supportive thing, she asked me what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted an abortion!

Living in OHIO in 1972 meant this was impossible. She took over and I don't know how she did it but she arranged for me to have an abortion in Buffalo, NY. This one act of support truly saved my life. My mother is and was my hero! I have never ever regretted my decision!!! I have two grown children and 2 grand children. I have and always will support abortion rights!” —Bettie

#collegestudent #prochoice #preRoe

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