I had missed a pill, and the condom broke...

“I was 16. I had been dating my boyfriend for 6 months, but knew him for 7 years previous to that. I had missed a pill, and the condom broke.... I took 2 the next day hoping it would be fine and shook it off.

2 months later I got cramps but no blood. 2 weeks later he told me to take a test, I took 2. Both were positive. We both cried. I didn't have insurance. I just got my first job. I didn't have a car. We told his dad first, then his mom. Both said abortion was an option but it was ultimately up to us.

We told my mom, then my dad.... seeing who would sign... my mom brought me flowers every day with doughnuts... she still made me go to high school. I had just became captain of the varsity cheer team. I couldn't give that away... I had prom, college, he was leaving for the military.. we made the choice we thought would be best and at 9 weeks, I surgically aborted my first pregnancy at 16 years old, alone in a room with strangers.

It's been 3 years & I still have nightmares. It's always the same, a little baby boy that I have no clue where it came from. To this day, the boyfriend is now an ex and is living out his dream traveling the world for the military and I am happily in a new relationship with strong contraception. Occasionally I do think back and wonder what if, & I would definitely say there's regret that I didn't step up. But I will never make that mistake again.” —Anonymous

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