So I was 21, in a horrible relationship with an abusive heroine addict...

“So I was 21, in a horrible relationship with an abusive heroine addict. When I first found out I was pregnant I was so happy. I thought maybe he could get his life together stop using drugs and be the person I fell in love with. I was terribly wrong.

We went to my first doctors appointment together, it was a long wait a few hours. He suddenly just left and didn't come back for an hour. He came back high as a kite, nodding out half asleep and could barely talk.

I found out I was 5 weeks and knew this was gonna be my life with him. His drug addiction came before anything. I mean anything, food, bills, everything came second to his addiction. One night I would say I was 7 weeks along we got into a HUGE fight. I found his needles and spoon and a bag of dope. I flushed the drugs and threw out the spoon and needles. He went insane. We started screaming he hit me I hit him back. I call my sister to pick me up she's 40+ minutes away so we were still fighting. Next thing I know he's throwing my clothes out the door and dragged me out by my hair and threw some money in my face and said get rid of it.

Thankfully my sister knew exactly what I was going threw. She took me in and paid for my abortion. I owe her my life. I will be forever grateful to her and what she did for me when I truly needed it.

I originally planned on having my child. My grief is still there, I don't have regret but I do feel shame at times. I knew that if I had his child I would be on my own. My parents (whom I love dearly) wouldn't of helped much I would of been a single parent. That's not what I would want for my child. I'm sick of the stigma attached to abortion. I'M GRATEFUL FOR MY ABORTION. I'm hoping this will help the shame I feel and help the grief I still feel.” —Racheal

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