I'm posting this to share my experience...

"I'm posting this to share my experience or advice with other women who have been through or are thinking about going through with termination of an unwanted pregnancy. TL;DR at the bottom. I'm a 25 year old graduate student, single, never had kids. When I say single I mean unmarried; however, my partner and I have been together a little over 3 years. I'm only about halfway done with school, I work an entry level job that pays less than 30K a year, my partner works out of state and I have never wanted children. We are usually very careful but no contraception is 100% effective. I am currently taking the pill but I will explore other alternatives when I go for my 2 week check up.

On December 20th I took a pregnancy test, but really expecting to be pregnant but I'm usually pretty regular with my periods. I cannot explain to you the feeling, or the thoughts running through my head when I saw those 2 pink lines staring back at me on the pregnancy test. It didn't even cross my mind that I could raise a child, it just wasn't a possibility for me. I immediately started researching options.

For those that don't know there are multiple methods of termination; aspiration and medical abortion are some of the most common. I am horrified of needles and have trouble making it through a regular Pap smear so I opted for the medical abortion. I started researching local clinics that would perform this. I ended up calling planned parenthood for my state and they connected me with a women's health clinic that offered these services. I called that day and set up an appointment. They couldn't get me in until Dec. 30th.

I was horrified and scared and had no idea how I was going to make it through the holidays with all of this on my shoulders. Please do not think that I didn't go through this without all the feelings of guilt, sadness, shame and embarrassment. I feel horrible but I know this was the only option for me.

On the day of the 30th I had my partner drive me to the clinic. This visit consisted of an initial meeting at the clinic, they tested my blood type, went over my options. I met with the doctor and multiple nurses who answered all of my questions. They were very professional and caring. They performed a transvaginal ultrasound to ensure that it was not an ectopic pregnancy and that I was a candidate for the medical abortion. Once this was determined the doctor gave me my first round of meds which consisted of one pill orally, mifeprex. This blocks the hormones that are needed to continue a pregnancy. He then gave me 4 pills to administer vaginally 24-72 hours after the mifeprex. These were misoprostol tablets which cause your uterus to contract and expel the embryo and lining. The doctor also prescribed me Phenergan and Vicoprofen for nausea and pain.

Let me tell you, I read some serious horror stories about this. Mine was not this way. About 2 hours after taking the misoprostol I began cramping, like I would at the beginning of a menstral cycle. I began to bleed, more heavy than a normal cycle but not the rivers of blood people try and scare you with online. About 3 hours in the cramping became intense and I got dizzy and nauseated. I turned on my shower and sat on my knees, crouched over with the hot water running over my back and that helped.

I got out, immediately had an upset stomach(diarrhea is common side affect) at this time the cramps were at their peak and this was the only time I vomited. I stayed in the bathroom for about 45 minutes just until I felt comfortable enough to go back to me bed. At this time I was at my 4 hour mark, I took another dose of nausea and pain meds and laid down. The cramps continued for about another hour and then gradually tapered off. I used a heating pad and Grey's anatomy to get through. I woke up this morning with hardly any cramps, minimal bleeding and no nausea.

My point is, every woman is different.. If you are considering abortion be sure to get your facts and direct your questions to medical professionals or someone you trust. The decision is YOURS and yours alone. Not your boyfriends, your parents or your friends. It is YOUR body. Your clinic will also offer you contraception options such as birth control pills, IUD, shot, patch or Nuva ring. If you are not using birth control methods and are sexually active, but do not want a kid, GET ON BIRTH CONTROL.

This experience wasn't as painful as I thought it would be but I would not wish this on anyone solely for the emotional pain. If you are considering this, reach out to counseling services as well and try and create a support system.

TL;DR found out I was pregnant, got a medical abortion, this is my experience." —Anonymous

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