I was 20. I had a broken home story, with low self esteem, and looking for love in all the wrong pla

"I was 20. I had a broken home story, with low self esteem, and looking for love in all the wrong places. I don't even remember his name, I only slept with him because he wouldn't stop talking, and he tried to light my Obama poster on fire. After it happened he left, and I went about my life.

Fast forward, I actually started dating someone I liked, and he was getting over mono. It was the end of the semester and I started having what I thought were mono symptoms. I went to the doctor, he asked the normal questions, any chance of pregnancy? I told him no, I thought it was mono. On wards to blood testing. And the waiting game.

I got a phone call, and the nurse said there was good news, I didn't have mono, I was pregnant. I was stunned. I was 20, and had found out I failed out from college, I was living back at home with my grandparents and my mother. Oh! and I had chlamydia on top of it! I wasn't in a good place.

I called my mom, who I at the time didn't have a good relationship with. We talked, we both decided it was a good idea to have an abortion. Fast forward to Mother's Day. I had scheduled the abortion, and was spending my time vomiting, and hating myself for getting into this situation. And suddenly, I'm cramping. And I started bleeding. It hurt so bad, I thought my appendix had burst.

My mom drove me to the ER, and they took me to maternity ward. I started just looking around and was mortified. I didn't want to be anywhere near this ward. They later grabbed me out of there and apologized, they had taken me to the wrong ward. They did an ultra sound, the placenta had ripped from the uteruian wall. It had almost pulled completely off.

The doctors and nurses kept telling me the baby will be fine. Everything will be okay. My mom kept explaining that I wasn't keeping it. That I wanted them to call it a fetus. (I was calling it a paracite). They wouldn't stop, they kept saying baby, and I could change my mind.

Two weeks later at the clinic. The doctor at the clinic told me if I had tried, I had a 90% chance of a miscarriage, and the option for children would be lower, later in life. I went through with it. I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I never regretted it.

I met my husband a few months later, and I knew I made the right choice. At 28, I couldn't imagine having an 8 year old. I have nieces and nephews at that age. I wouldn't have made it to where I was as a single mother." —Anonymous

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