I recently found out I was pregnant with my third child..

“I recently found out I was pregnant with my third child. I have two children of my own, and two step children. My husband and I live modest in a small three bedroom home with nothing extravagant. I am the predominant breadwinner. After many days of panicking, crunching numbers, sorting out options....I was hit with the devastating reality that there was simply no way we could financially have another baby.

I sat in tears, I had a meltdown, I felt I was slipping to a very dark place and losing my mind. How could this be. There was no way to afford childcare. There was no way one of us could quit our jobs. There is no family in our home state to help. There are no resources, there is no subsidy as the Oklahoma State government cut all funding to those programs. My employer does not offer any maternity leave...only unpaid leave for FLMA.

I drew to the devastating conclusion, I had to abort. Carrying a baby to term and explaining to my children that we would be giving it away sounded nothing short of a horror story. Much worse then what I was about to do. I chose to get an abortion instead.

It has changed my heart and my outlook on things dramatically. I believe the Creator put me there for a reason. I needed to endure what millions and millions of women endure each year. Fighting the good fight, facing injustice. I believe that the circumstances and problems that bring women to abortion will still be there. That is the disease. Abortion is the symptom.

Womens' rights continue to suffer in America. We are paid less, work more, run households, yet we are taxed on necessities, refused adequate health care services for reproductive issues, and made to feel 100% responsible for the life of a baby, or the prevention thereof. On top of that, we are denied PAID MATERNITY LEAVE...something that the REST OF THE WORLD enjoys. America you fail us. Men of America, you fail your wives, your daughters and your mothers. You fail your unborn babies.

One thing that eased my mind of this personal tragedy...is that, how arrogant are those (pro-birthers) that believe they are so supreme, they actually think we can create or destroy a spiritual being? How arrogant are they? If "it" has a soul, it will understand. The Creator knows your heart is good. I am but a humble and pitiful two legged, and I do not possess the supreme power as to destroy a soul. I was given a gift I could not accept and I simply returned it to it's keeper.

Thank God I was able to access a wonderful doctor and an clinic nearby me to terminate as early as possible, but how unfortunate is it, that I was left without any other options because I receive no Maternity leave or other assistance. I intend to join this tireless fight for women. FIGHT BACK”

— Rosalind

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