I never planned on getting pregnant, but I did...

“I never planned on getting pregnant, but I did. At the time, I had been on birth control for almost two years straight. Something went wrong and it turned out to be ineffective for me. I was in a long term relationship and neither of us were ready to be parents. Becoming parents would have changed everything and not in a good way.

We agreed that abortion was our best option. I never would have thought that having an abortion would become part of my history, but it did. I am not proud of it, but I feel lucky that I was allowed to have one.

If hope that I never see the day where abortion is illegal. Women need to have full control of their bodies and are the only ones that can decide what is best for them. Anyone that argues differently has no sense of compassion, respect and understanding for the human that is already fully formed.” —Lynn

#notready #prochoice

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