When I had my son 14 years ago I had a cardiac episode...

"When I had my son 14 years ago I had a cardiac episode. It left my heart weak. When my son was just under 2 years old my birth control failed. I was pregnant. Being pregnant started sending my blood pressure really high then really low. The doctors told me they didn't see a way for me and the baby to survive.

While walking into the mall with my nearly 2 year old my blood pressure dropped and I passed out. I was lucky that people saw us and didn't kidnap my son. They called for help and I was taken to the hospital. Two days later I followed the doctors advise and aborted my pregnancy. It wasn't my first choice it was my only choice.

I still don't believe that I had a right to risk taking my sons mother away from him for any reason. Years later my heart was healthy enough for me to have a daughter. I made the right CHOICE." —Debi

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