I had my abortion at 20 weeks...

“I had my abortion at 20 weeks. Iit was a two day procedure. I went to an abortion clinic in Atlanta. Wwe live out of state so it was a 6 hour drive one way. Wwe booked a hotel room since I had to go back to the clinic on the second day to fFinnish the procedure.

On the first day after you do all the paperwork and get your ultrasound, counseling and pay and wait for what seemed to be like forever, the actual process starts. You're told to change into a gown and you're put in a waiting room with other women already changed. Once they call you back you go into the room lay on the table and i chose to be put to sleep on both days which was an extra 100 but well worth it!

The doctor explains that she is going to put laminiara in your vagina to help dilate you overnight and also give you a shot in your belly to end the babies life all though she didn't say that she just said a shot in your abdomen but I researched EVERYTHING so I knew what it was. All I remember is waking up in the recovery room in a recliner. They check your bp and you're free to go after like ten min!

They gave me a Rx for ibuprofen and Norco for pain. I was a little woozy from the sedation and minor period cramps but nothing major. I couldn't feel the laminara nor did it feel weird down there. I even went into Walmart with my bf to get my meds and some snacks for the hotel room we stopped again and got food and went back to the room.

As far as pain it increased but I popped a Norco and an ibuprofen and felt nothing! I slept really good that night I have a high pain tolerance but I also know when I'm in pain but it was nothing like I expected just minor cramps.

The next day they have you come in at 530 to fFinnish the procedure I checked in, my bf had to sign my escort paper saying he would drive me home after the procedure, and I went straight back. I took three pills, one was for nausea and two was to make me dialate more. Tthis was the worse part of the process. Oh and they put your iv in as well. I had cramps that came and went for the next hour it felt like strong period cramps on top of feeling like I had gas and I had to puke. After an hour the anesthesiologist gave me pain medicine to help ease it while I was waiting to go back. I was then told to use the bathroom and went into the room for the procedure.

I layed down on the table the anesthesiologist came in and told me she was going to help during my procedure. Tthe doctor came in asked if I had any questions, I told him no. Tthe anesthesiologist then told me she was going to put me to sleep. I woke up in the recovery room feeling drowsy but so much better! No pain no nausea anything! I had to sit there for like twenty minutes. I took an ibuprofen and something else they gave me and I also had to eat and drink something.

Bbefore I left they checked my temp and my bp like three times then I was told I could leave! I got dressed and left! I felt drowsy and slept off and on the ride back but I wasn't hurting! I popped another norco midways just to be on the safe side! But I felt so good! The entire pregnancy I felt horrible and miserable physically but it stopped as soon as the procedure was over! I didn't bleed too much I continued to take the pain med for an extra day but that's it! I got back to me and I was so happy!

the worse day was just waiting for the procedure pain wise because you have to let your body go through the motions! I recommend being put to sleep if you could! I hope this helps anyone that is curious! Oh I paid 1600 total for it! If I were you do not tell them you have insurance that's why I had to pay so much because my deductible was less than the procedure so say noooo and hopefully they can get you funding! Good luck and rember awesome women have abortions too (that was a quote that was in the clinic that I won't forget) XOXOX warm hugs thoughts and kisses!” —Anonymous

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