I am 18 years old, in a steady relationship...

"I am 18 years old, in a steady relationship and wasn't really smart about my sex life. I come from a super religious Catholic family who is very strong in their pro-life beliefs. At a young age I would go to pro-life walk for life events and was so instilled with the fact that abortion "is the worst possible thing somebody can do". But, I was always so doubtful about and would always question myself. Did I really believe that or was it just what u should believe?

The day I found out I was pregnant I was torn, I couldn't even fully believe it. I told my boyfriend right away and we talked about abortion because it was my first thought. He was full heartedly gonna support my choice either way....

When I made my appointment it was super quick and easy and judgment free. I had a medical abortion and had a checkup a week later and everything was cleared. Even though it was nerve racking going through the process I knew it was what I wanted. I didn't want a kid, I wanted to attend college and start a family when I'm at a stable place and time in my life.

I'm unemployed and taking care of sick family member. Keeping a baby would be stressful on both families and full of judgment. Sometimes I cry and feel emotional about the situation but ultimately I know it was the best choice for me and I want any other girl going through this to not feel shamed or pushed to continue a pregnancy just because they think it's the right thing to do by societies standards.

I firmly know that no body has the right to judge someone especially if they aren't going what they are going through. Having an abortion is never selfish." —Anonymous

#prolife #religionandfaith #bestdecision

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