It was not easy, but it was the right decision...

"It was not easy, but it was the right decision. It was October 2015 when I found out I was pregnant, just a few weeks after starting college. I am very pro-life, I could not see myself having an abortion but I could also not see myself having a baby. So, I simply acted like I wasn't pregnant at all and went on with life, but that only lasted so long.

I took a pregnancy test at the local pregnancy center in Grants Pass and it was confirmed, they also gave me an ultrasound and I found out that I was 8 weeks. They gave me a photo but I requested that they place it in an envelope as I wasn't sure if I wanted to look. I walked over to the park after that, sat on a bench, looked at the photo, and cried.

I made a call to the Grants Pass Planned Parenthood and they referred me to the Planned Parenthood in Eugene as they did abortions. My appointment was for November 11th at 1pm. I had a family friend take me on up as it as a 2 hour drive and I knew I wouldn't be able to drive home. I found out from her that she has 2 abortions. This was surprising as she is a mother of 3 girls, I just couldn't picture her doing such a thing. The conversation we had made me feel more comfortable. See, at the time I felt like I was all alone in my decision, but it was nice knowing that I was not the only one going through this.

At the abortion clinic I was uncomfortable at first but after a while it became sorta like a routine doctors appointment. They had me fill-out paperwork, had another ultrasound (this time not looking), and after a couple hours they called me in back. Both the nurse and doctor were nice, we laughed about something but I do not remember what it was.

When the doctor requested that I place my legs in the stirrups I froze, I had a rush of second thoughts going through my head, came super close to crying! But the doctor and nurse both understood, they calmed me down, told me it was normal, told me I could leave if I wish. After a few minutes I told them I was ready, placing my legs i the stirrups, and that is all I remember.

I was 12 weeks pregnant when I walked in, and I was not pregnant at all when I walked out. I did cry, several times, but after a couple days I was starting to become my normal self. It helped that I was in college at the time this way I could keep my mind occupied with homework.

It is now July. I would have a 2 month old baby right now. I am glad I don't! I know I made the right decision! This summer I am going on several backpacking trips with friends, this is something I never could have done if I had a baby." —Anonymous

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