I always thought that abortion was something I would never do...

"I always thought that abortion was something I would never do, proving it by having my first child at the age of 17. I had him and relied on my mother for a lot, and somewhat from the father, when he occasionally decided to help a little financially. Today my child is one and a half years old, and almost a week ago I had my first abortion by pill.

I was pregnant with the father of my child again, but had encountered many infidelities and found myself being cheated on once again, this time being around 5 weeks pregnant. I took my time in going in to get the abortion just because I've always felt so strongly about not having them, and I found myself finally getting it done at 9 weeks pregnant.

I felt so alone, he had left for a business trip right after me finding out about him seeing another person. Today, he still isn't back from his trip, and didn't bother to contact me for two weeks to see how I was doing, or his child, which he left without any diapers or money. I realized it wasn't fair for me to have to go through my pregnancy alone with my child, and it would just be struggle for me from then on. I was tired of not being treated right, being emotionally abused and not recognizing my own dignity.

This decision has by far been one of the hardest I've made, I still feel like I contradicted my beliefs, but I did it because I did not want to harm my baby any later into the pregnancy, and because it was a better decision for me, my child and for the baby the I was expecting." —Anonymous

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