Beyond the point crying and scared I told my Boyfriend what the doctor said...

“On April 29th, 2016 I went to my doctor to get on the birth control patch- I told my doctor what my long time boyfriend and I wanted with our sex life, and he said when I started this patch I wouldn't have to wait any time before switching and to be frank my boyfriend could cum inside me- so considering a doctor told me this I thought it was true and nothing would happen. Wrong, very wrong.

So around the end of may I started having very bad cramps, so bad and was getting sick constantly, however I was also bleeding. I called my doctor and he told me it was a side effect of switching birth control and that I was fine and it would go away, even told me some stomach pills to make me feel better and if it didn't end within a few days to call him back.

So, it didnt- I called him back and he said "take a pregnancy test" and I said UHM WHY? and he said "it sounds like you are pregnant" well what was I thinking at the time? You are telling me you think I am pregnant when you told me it was fine. I was on the birth control pill, and switched to the patch and I ASKED YOU 3 times if it was okay to not pull out and you said yes there is no wait time. I even knew most the time when switching birth controls there is a period of time you have to wait.

Beyond the point crying and scared I told my Boyfriend what the doctor said. Went and bought a test. It was positive. I bought another It was positive Another Postive. I bought about 8 tests all together because I was in disbelief. My boyfriend and I were so careful with our sex before because we never wanted things to happen like this. And we were in this situation because a doctor misinformed me.

So I made an appointment to go to planned parenthood, it took them 2 weeks to get me in and the wait period was awful. But honestly if you ever have to go through this situation I really hope you have someone as supportive as I did, my Boyfriend was amazing. I was scared and worried and just stressed and he calmed me down and honestly made me forget about this situation for awhile.

This past Tuesday I went for my consultation at planned parenthood, it took 5 hours. I got blood work done to see if I had any stds, I had an ultrasound, watched some videos, someone came in and told me what would happen during the procedure, then a doctor came in to schedule, and said "you can come in this saturday! Or wait 3 weeks" At this point I was 8 weeks pregnant, so I couldn't wait 3 weeks everyone would have known I was pregnant and honestly the stress of waiting would have drove me nuts. So I said okay Saturday It is.

Now the next few days were kinda a blurr, I was worried and scared the whole time. I knew what was going to happen, but I was afraid of the pain and honestly of how I would have felt after. I had had an abortion 4 years prior because of taking antibiotics and the pill at the same time, but back then my family was afraid for me and did the total sedation so I knew nothing of what happened. This time, I couldn't afford that honestly so I picked minimal sedation. Which is a good idea and everyone should.

So the day arrives (this was yesterday as I'm writing this) My boyfriend took me, we pulled in to see one lonely old man protester who was trying to wave us down. I don't care if you are pro choice, or pro life but please do not shove your believes down my throat. If I am pulling into planned parenthood to get an abortion there is a reason I am and it isn't a very easy thing to do so please leave someone alone.

We walked in, signed up and I went to pee. I came back, my boyfriend hugged me and he went to pee. That point they brought me back and I was like oh no because I didn't have him to comfort me. But he was with me in my heart, honestly as cheesy as it sounds I felt like he was by me the whole time holding my hand.

I was given water and 4 pills. 2 600mg of ibuprofen 1 pill for anexity and a pain pill. I sat for 45 mins by other girls who were throwing up and crying and I just sat there drinking my water waiting for my time. The pain pill was nice, it made me not so scared. Then I got called back- was told to take my pants off and put a sheet against me, the nurse asked me if I was with the guy outside with headphones on, I said "yes :)" and she said you guys go good together as I was getting all ready on the table.

The doctor came in and started asking me how we met and stuff and she wasn't telling me what she was doing which was the best part considering I didn't wanna know. I knew when she was numbing my cervix, it pinched. But the whole thing wasn't bad at all. My doctor and nurse was talking about my relationship the whole time and it calmed me down. Then in 2 mins it was done. I was walked into the waiting room with a heating pad and water. I sat there for 30 mins and looked to see how much blood I had. Which was very minimal which surprised me considering I bleed a lot during my periods. I got up, went out to my boyfriend and went home. I went and took a nap for 3 hours and woke up and felt fine, actually went and seen finding dory after haha. Then I started feeling bad. In so much pain, just because i had not taken a ibuprofen in awhile. But it got better.

Today, i am still sore. I feel fine I have no guilt or even feel bad for the position I picked. It was the best And the whole thing brought my boyfriend and I closer together, or at least I think. It made me think more of him honestly and even though it sucked, it did a good thing. If you are going to get one I recommend you don't read stories online, there are a lot of people who are PRO LIFE making up horror stories to scare girls into not getting one. Just an fyi. Its not bad.” —Anonymous

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