I took the second set of abortion pills, Misoprostol, today...

"I took the second set of abortion pills, Misoprostol, today. As, I sit here enduring the piercing pains throughout my abdomen, I do not regret my decision, just my careless actions that led to an abortion.

I have two beautiful children, aged 4 and 1 years old. But, a week ago when I discovered I was pregnant again, I didn't hesitate in my decision and booked an appointment immediately. I'm in a emotionally and physically abusive relationship. During my first pregnancy, my children's father saw numerous other women and I was alone in the pregnancy. I struggled through my first pregnancy and raised my son alone for the first two years while I worked full time and went to school full time for my bachelorette degree.

My children's father finally came around and decided to be in both of our lives. A year ago, my daughter was born. However, the last two years have been nightmares of verbal and physical abuse. I couldn't leave because my daughter was just born and I had to take time off of work so I was financially dependent on my children's father.

With my third pregnancy, I was on birth control pills, however, I was getting my period every two weeks, so I went off to level my hormones until I can see a doctor for a new prescription. I thought I would be safe since the last time I was off birth control, it took me 6 months to get pregnant with my daughter. Unfortunately, I got pregnant within the month of stopping my birth control pills. My biggest mistake.

When I discovered I was pregnant, I cried. I didn't want to bring another child into such a terrible situation. I already had my mind set on leaving my children's father, but being pregnant again or having another young child would keep me dependent on him. So, I made this sad decision to terminate the pregnancy.

But, I don't regret it. So many children grow up witnessing domestic abuse, and I refuse to allow my children to have to live in a situation where their mother is verbally, mentally, and physically abused. No child should ever witness domestic violence." —Anonymous


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