I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant...

"I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant. I was with my man for 3 years when we found out. We weren't financially ready and I was going to college. I knew my parents weren't able to support me and the baby either so we made the decision together. I never told my family, and my boyfriend was and continues to be my only support.

When we first arrived at the clinic there was people outside protesting against abortion and yelling things at us as we walked into the back entrance. I became very uncomfortable and shaky. It was very scary, but having him by my side the whole time made things a lot better.

Waking up after the anesthesia... I have never experienced that much pain. They had to help me get up after I woke up because my body was so unsteady. They called my boyfriend to tell him I was ready and as soon as I saw him I ran into his arms and balled.

At times I regret my decision but then I think how different and difficult my life would be with my baby if I had it. I had a very rough time accepting it for the whole year after that. I became depressed, I had anxiety, and I was so full of anger and hurt. It affected my relationship with my boyfriend and others as I never seemed happy. I didn't smile or laugh like I once did.

Getting an abortion hurt emotionally, but I've also become mentally stronger. It's not a choice to jump the gun for sure, probably one of the hardest decisions I've made. It's life changing." —Anonymous

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