Forty two hours after taking 2 doses of mifepristone...

"Forty two hours after taking 2 doses of mifepristone (threw up within an hour of the first one and had to return for pill #2) I began the serious phase of my medical abortion. At this stage, I was around 7-8 weeks pregnant and it was April 20th, a holiday I love to celebrate, and so after a healthy wake and bake, a large fruit salad with yogurt, one ondansetron (for my heinous nausea) one panadeineforte with codiene and one voltaren, I gave my body an hour to rest.

My boyfriend arrived at my house and we cuddled up in my bed as I inserted two misoprostol tablets in each side of my mouth, four in total pressing up against my gums and cheek. About twenty minutes in I noticed light cramps and knew I was in for some hard pain. I took another codeine panadeineforte even though I hadn't completely dissolved the chalky abortion pills sitting in my mouth yet.

From here, the pain intensified a thousand fold. I would feel waves of it rushing through my belly, tightening and throbbing similar to period pain, but with an added dose of raw relentless PAIN. It came in waves which was the only positive thing, I would go from writhing and groaning in pain as a peak that lasted about 3 minutes, followed by a steady decrease in pain for one minute, one minute of feeling totally fine and pain free, only to be immediately followed by another minute of pain intensifying, leading into the horrific, debilitating pain.

It all happened so quickly, I was not even an hour in. I had terrible nausea, began throwing up the entire contents of my stomach about once every hour. After expelling my deluxe fruit salad, I had nothing left in my stomach but water, bial, and the pain killers. I thought it was the voltaren making me sick as I read a whole bunch of nasty sounding side effects, but I think it was my extremely low tolerance to the codeine (pana). The anti nausea meds did nothing after taking two (one lasted more than twelve hours on both of the previous two days) and codiene (pana) on an empty stomach is death. My boyfriend made me choke down an orange which helped a bit, even though I still spent a long time expelling anything and everything from my stomach afterwards. So I wasted 8 panadeineforte (codiene) and was too scared to take more voltaren as I though it was the drug making me sick. It actually was the best, the anti inflammatory agent helped so much, definitely recommend asking about an anti inflammatory.

This initial time included a call to the PAC in south australia (who enabled this abortion) about my horrendous pain and nausea, they told me to just bear through as best I could. I managed to keep about 4 of the painkillers down, but the pain was so severe for the first three hours that I felt no relief from them at all. When I was in minimal pain and could actually speak, I would ask my boyfriend "how long has it been now?!?!?" (Usually only an hour had passed, felt like ages), I asked him to fill up my hot water bottle, to find me some heroin for the pain (jokingly but also kinda seriously), or to pack me a cone (they really helped me deal with the whole situation). When I could stand I rushed to the bathroom, the only side affect I didn't have was diarrhoea even though I constantly felt like I needed to go to the toilet, I did poop once and during that time my hot water bottle burst in my lap. I knew there were more in the house and I knew how much they would help me, but the pain was so severe it made it impossible for me to locate one until a few more hours passed. I stayed in bed, screaming into my pillow and changing positions regularly, none of which were comfy for very long.

*** I found random things that helped: a towel soaked in hot water laid across my back or belly (while I had no hot water bottle) deep breathing where it was possible, sitting down in a super hot shower, grabbing or hugging a pillow next to me while having many more on hand as well as my quilt, and strangely, moving my legs about. I would grind my hips around and spread my legs, rubbing them across my bed while stretching out my toes. I have no idea why or how it helped the pain but it sure did. ***

After five hours of the worst pain imaginable (probably similar to being in labour but with less pay off), we decided to relocate to my boyfriends house as he was starving. Sitting in the car was a comfortable position, and after two minutes of driving I felt the last painful twang of the night. Then came the blood. I was concerned I hadn't bled enough through the day, I hadn't even had to change my pad. But while walking about the shops buying snacks, I felt a gushing waterfall happen inside of me. I felt chunks coming out too, and told my boyfriend I had to go to a toilet before sitting back down in his car.

So we went to the servo across the road and I changed myself. OMFG, so much blood. My underwear were nearly soaked and the maxi pad completely red. I replaced it, after washing my thighs, the underwear, the toilet seat, with soap, and then wrapped more toilet paper around the pad. We then picked up a pizza and went home, took less than 20 minutes, and at home had to change myself again and have a shower. I passed a huge clot in the shower And had to grossly smush it down the plug hole. Unsure if that was the embryo as I had lost a few other huge clots too. Getting out of the shower was a struggle, I had to keep toilet paper at the entrance of my vagina while drying my legs briefly and quickly putting on my fresh underwear despite still being very wet with water. I went through 4 pairs of underpants and had to throw two of them away. Adult diapers probably would have been more suitable than maxi pads, it was ALOT of blood, the only trade off was that I felt no pain at all whilst bleeding or for the rest of the night.

Today I woke up after a great sleep, ate an orange and took one voltaren in preparation for my final course of misoprostol to expel any more uterine pregnancy tissue. I am in no pain, feel greatly relieved and am not bleeding heavily at all. It would have been a great success in my opinion, if it weren't for the pain. I felt the medical abortion was a good option for me, as I would be terrified and have a panic attack in an actual operation setting, and figured I could deal with the pain. I was wrong, even when the painkillers did work, I still felt like I was going to die. Because of this, I will never go through this experience again, and hopefully never have to have any type of abortion, but absolutely not a medical abortion. Please ladies, consider surgical first, a 15 minute procedure with by comparison probably no pain at all. Now, in hindsight I feel as if it is the best option available." —Marajhi

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