It was just last month, I was in a relationship...

"It was just last month, I was in a relationship with the same guy for 3 years! I thought I was finally going to become a Mom, something that I have always looked forward to. When I told him, he was no where near as excited as I was. After a long talk I decided that It was appropriate to get an abortion.

I have never felt better about my decision. It turns out when all of this went down he wasn't there for me. I did it all on my own, went to all doc appts and took care of myself. Thinking back about it, Im so glad I did it, I realized that if he couldn't help me out one day he wouldn't have been there for the next 18 years I would of needed help with a child. I think to have this done you have to feel 100% about it and think about who your having a child with. After the abortion I ended our relationship, I realized I deserve so much more out of life." —Alaina

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