I had my abortion March 26, 2016...

"I had my abortion March 26, 2016. At the age of 19 I knew I wasn't ready to be a mother. Of course I read every experience I could find about abortions to prepare myself, and most of them weren't very pleasant which scared me to death. I chose to get a surgical with IV sedation. The closet clinic that did IV sedation was 4 hours away but I believe the drive was worth it.

I went to the women choice in Jacksonville and I would recommend them. Everyone was very friendly and nonjudgmental. The day of my abortion I was so nervous, but my boyfriend went with me for support and of course to drive. Waiting an hour after paper work and blood work was the worst part.

When I was called back I changed into a gown and went into my room which was private. There was a female nurse and a male doctor which didn't bother me. I layed back before the doctor put the IV in my arm, closed my eyes and all I remember is waking up and walking to the recovery room with minor cramps. I didn't hear or feel anything.

I Sat in the recovery room for about 20 Mins with gingerale, crackers and a heating pad. Leaving with minor cramps and pain medication. After two hours the cramps went away and the day after I stopped bleeding (just like having a period). I didn't even need the medication. I am very relieved and thankful of my choice." —anonymous

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