I was barely 19 when I got pregnant. It was Halloween night...

"I was barely 19 when I got pregnant. It was Halloween night. About halfway through November I just had a feeling, so I took a test. The double lines showed up instantly. I planned to tell the father the next day, knowing full well that an abortion was the only option he would see.

From there I just went through the motions. I didn't particularly like it, but I knew it was the best option for all of our lives. I loved being pregnant, and I loved my child, but I loved him enough to know I could never give him the life he deserved.

A trip to Birthright confirmed pregnancy, and forced opinionated counseling on us. I actually felt more welcome and safe at Planned Parenthood, surrounded by people who respected my decision and other women who were in the same place as me.

Never once did I feel forced or judged by the Planned Parenthood workers, as I did by the Birthright employees. While it is hard for me to live with my decision, and I do feel guilty, I do not regret making it, I just regret getting in a position where I had to make it. " —Anonymous

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