I'm 18, and in college...

"I'm 18, and in college; I knew I wasn't ready for a child. I've always been pro-choice, but making that decision was very difficult for me. If I had the child my life would be changed forever. My education, career, and even experiencing life as a teenager would be on hold. My boyfriend came down to see me to talk about it. Abortion seemed to be the most sensible choice. A lot of people say that abortion is the easy way out. For me, it wasn't. The experience was unpleasant. I had an ultrasound to see the fetus, it only made me feel worse. I was 7 weeks along. I thought I was 5 weeks; every week counted for me. When I was called into the room I was very tense and the doctor had to wait until I was relaxed. A nurse hooked me up to an IV that would sedate me. It didn't ease the pain. The medication just made me want to throw up, and pass out. I panicked. The pain seemed to last forever. The nurse tried to calm me down. Then it was over. I was shaking so badly I had to wait on the chair for a while after. It was a hard day but it was a choice I had to make so that I could continue to grow up. My boyfriend has been very supportive, but its a strain on our relationship. I know this will make our partnership stronger. This abortion happened 3 days ago and I'm learning to cope with the experience. I'm not ready for a child mentally, financially or physically. I know that if I brought one into this world I couldn't provide for it the way I would want to. This was my choice; this is what I needed to do." —Stephanie

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