I am 24 and recently had a divorce 6 months back...

"I am 24 and recently had a divorce 6 months back after he left. it took me 5 months to get caught up with all the bills. I wasn't used to paying because he was the bread winner while I went to school and took care of our one child. well had to work and drop out. finally found a good high pay job. then made a huge one night mistake and doctor didn't want me working there because of how heavy the job was. I found myself pregnant alone with no job and backed up on rent again. I finally found a job doctor approved of but it's barely enough to get by I just. Couldn't imagine struggling alone with two children. And not being able to afford my home and in my area it was the cheapest around. I thought about it for days. I spoke to the father about it but he was against abortion yet he wasn't helping financially or emotionally then stopped hearing from him. I spoke to my landlord and explained the situation and she agreed to let me only pay half months rent so I could afford my abortion and now I'm able to continue to live in my home without fear of being homeless or not being able to feed or cloth my daughter." —Maria

#caringforotherchildren #financialinstability #relief

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