I was forty years old with a husband...

"I was forty years old with a husband and two children. My youngest child had Tourette's, oppositional defiance disorder, anxiety, depression and OCD. I suffered from extreme migraines and was taking depakote. An anti seizure medication that causes birth defects. My birth control failed and I found myself pregnant, barely able to manage the children I had, a crumbling marriage, and a baby inutero that was most likely brain damaged from my medication.

Abortion was my only option to remain in control of my downhill spiraling life. I chose to have my tubes tied at the same time as my abortion. Am am now 59 and while I will always wonder about my aborted baby, I thank god I had the choice to make my decision. I can assure you had I not had the choice, I would have taken matters in my own hands. I was mentally and physically unable to carry and birth my unwanted pregnancy.

I hope my story sheds light on the many reasons a woman might choose to abort a pregnancy. It is a personal decision between the woman, her doctor, and the baby's father if he even sticks around to lend support." —Anonymous

#personalhealth #caringforotherchildren

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