In January 1968 when I was a junior in college...

"In January 1968 when I was a junior in college I became pregnant. My family lived in India and I knew I could not deal with staying with them and having a baby. I had several pregnancy tests that were negative, but I was sure I was pregnant and got that confirmed at the campus health service. I asked girls in my dorm if they knew of illegal abortionists and within a few hours, I had a phone number and made an appointment for the next day.

Two friends and i drove to New York City. We were so nervous we first went to the east side when we needed to go to the west side. I had a D & C in a hotel room under general anesthesia. Before we left that morning I wrote a letter to my parents apologizing in case I died. I used money that was for graduate school to pay for my abortion.

The next day I went to the campus health service to be examined to make sure everything was ok. They told me that they would have to report me to the police as I had broken the law. Needless to say, I went elsewhere for a check up.

I was in Mass. where it was illegal for unmarried women to get contraceptives until 1972, Baird v Eisenstadt. I was very grateful for the support of my friends and the women in the dorm.

When I went to the U of Michigan in fall 1969, I discovered the feminist movement and by spring 1970 I was getting trained by clergy counseling to do abortion counseling. I was determined to enable other women to learn about all the available options for an unplanned pregnancy."

— Jana Everett

#preRoe #collegestudent #prochoice

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