I've had two abortions and I'm about to have my third...

"I've had two abortions and I'm about to have my third in two days. I'm 27 and have been in a relationship with a man I'm madly in love with for nearly 5 years. He's the only person who's ever gotten me pregnant, and ironically the only person I've truly wanted to have kids with.

Each time he never pressured me to do anything but made sure I knew he would stand beside me no matter what I chose. Im currently living in Ireland where abortion is illegal. I've had to travel abroad each time to have abortions. Making the ordeal expensive and horribly inconvenient.

I've never doubted or regretted my decision to terminate. But the limited access, financial burden and of course the stress of the situation (keeping secrets from family and work, lying to avoid judgement from others, the procedure itself ) is exhausting. It's not something any woman ever actually wants to experience.

But living in a country which denies my right to reproductive choices/freedom and still overcoming the odds stacked against me has made me very grateful that I've not had to be forced into parenthood before I feel I'm ready. My ability to have an abortion has improved my life and saved me from having to live a life I didn't choose." —Anonymous

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