I never thought that I would have an abortion...

"I never thought that I would have an abortion. My whole life I've been completely against it because of my faith. But I recently found myself pregnant by my ex and we already have two kids together and it was something that wasn't supposed to happen. Its like I still love him and I would have loved for things to work out but I recently lost two people who had a tremendous impact on my life and I'm finally getting back to being me.

Having another child isn't in the cards for me, of course I want more I already have three, just one more but not right now and I just got a promotion at work and I'm being relocated. I just felt like a baby would make things so much harder. So basically I was faced with a dilemma either be stressed trying to figure out how I'm going to take care of another baby or have an abortion. I fought with myself for weeks after I found out, I was so stressed that I caused myself to break out in hives.

Once I came to terms with my decision to have the abortion I made sure I was doing it for the right reasons, I had to make sure that I was doing this for me. Apart of me knew I could take care of another child but I didn't want to at this moment I wanted to be selfish for once, I just wanted to do something that was for me.

So once the day came I thought I was going to be nervous and crying but I was at peace with my decision I knew that what I was doing was for the best. I thought it was going to be a horrific procedure and that I would be screaming in pain but it was painless and I don't remember anything. I woke up afterwards happy and relieved about my abortion. I know this sounds crazy but I still love my little baby and I know I will see him/her again soon. Thank you for reading." —Misha

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