It was two years ago, and I knew in my heart it was not my time to be a mother...

"It was two years ago, and I knew in my heart it was not my time to be a mother. My partner at the time was very abusive and brought hell onto the people he cared about. The relationship was self destructive, even if I kept the pregnancy the stress from the entire situation would had eventually made me miscarry.

I've made peace with myself and my choice, and in my heart it wasn't the right time. I'm grateful to go to a clinic where the staff is so gentle and caring about their patients, knowing how sensitive the atmosphere is. I used to care when someone on a social media website would say ignorant things like, 'People who get abortions are disgusting...' and receive over 50 likes. In real life their opinions don't matter, that person doesn't know every single person's stories or their struggles.

These clinics need to stay open to have safe procedures because not everyone is ready and having clean equipment, sterol environment, and therapy is so important. The famous quote I read from this site which it stood out in my darkest times, 'Sorry not sorry.'" —Anonymous

#abusiverelationship #prochoice

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