In 1975, I became pregnant, though I was using contraception...

"In 1975, I became pregnant, though I was using contraception. I went to the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Oakland, California for an abortion. The nurses and doctor were respectful and caring.

During the procedure, my uterus was perforated, (which happens occasionally during this operation) and we had to stop the procedure. I returned in one week, and had the abortion, after the perforation had healed. Once again, I was treated with utmost respect, and care.

This is in sharp contrast to my mother's experience in 1964. She and my father, in a desperate attempt to terminate an unwanted pregnancy that would have produced their 4th child, sterilized sheets and wire in the kitchen oven. My mother then drank several shots of bourbon and my father, who had a phd in chemical engineering - not a medical doctor - attempted to abort the pregnancy.

They spread the sheets on the bed, and he inserted the wire, and did God-knows- what. How my mother could have agreed to such barbarism, speaks to the state of a world in which a safe medical procedure is NOT available. She awoke at 3:00 am "on fire", and my father rushed her to the emergency room. There she had to lie to the physician and nursing staff and say that SHE had attempted the abortion, to keep my father from going to jail.

Remember, these were highly educated, middle class, professional, suburban parents with three children at home. Yet they were willing to risk her life and the legal consequences to avoid having another child. Roe v Wade made MY life so much safer!" —Lynn Kunstman

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