In 1970, at age 16, I became pregnant...

"In 1970, at age 16, I became pregnant. I knew I could not be a mother and wanted an abortion. Abortions were not available in my midwest state; I had to go to New York City. The local Planned Parenthood warned me that at my age, I probably would not be successful without a parent's consent. As the extent of my sex education had been telling me about my periods, I was certain a pregnancy-abortion conversation would go over like a lead balloon.

My girlfriend and I decided to go to NYC and lie about my age and hope for the best. A friend sold some pot to raise funds and we flew to NYC and slept in the airport until time to go to the hospital. I didn't get in the door. Home we came, and in the meantime, my girlfriend's parents figured it all out.

They facilitated a conversation between me and my parents and the next day my mother and I flew to NYC where I had a legal abortion. On the flight back, my mother told me 'we would never, ever talk of this again.' My father did not speak to me for months - I mean not one word.

Eventually - maybe 30 years later - my mother and I discussed my abortion (Dad and I never did.) and we both agreed it was a tough time but the ONLY choice was the one I made. I never looked back.

Abortion was my only choice and I am very, very glad I could have a legal abortion despite the location. I know I was lucky because my parents could and did afford to take me back to NYC. If they had not, I would have gone the illegal route and there is no telling how that would have turned out. Like many maybe I would have been maimed or died." —Kyle

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