Condom broke, Plan B failed and I had an abortion...

"Condom broke, Plan B failed and I had an abortion. At 25, I slept with my ex from high school and the condom broke. I woke up the next day (mother's day) and got Plan B. I thought that was it, and was glad that was over until 6 weeks later when my period was late. I took 3 pregnancy tests and all were instantly positive.

My ex and I don't get along most of the time and we've had this magnetic pull to each other since we broke up in high school. I thought about what the future would like: I would have to quit my pursuit of becoming a psychologist, move closer to my parents and my ex, and deal with my ex on a daily basis. I didn't like the picture that was manifesting before me. I felt like I was just learning how to take care of myself, now I would have to take care of someone else....forever? I would be tied to my ex forever?

The fighting, the drama, the lack of preparedness, the lack of a job, and the fact that I didn't want to give up on my dream of being a psychologist. But I've always wanted a child, I thought, is this my only chance? I told the ex—he was a jerk, as expected and accused me of getting pregnant for money and not taking the Plan B correctly and refused to help in anyway. His reaction confirmed my decision to have an abortion—he wouldn't be helping and it would always be a battle.

I have a difficult relationship with my own father and I realized I don't want to continue this pattern with my own child. And I made an appointment for my abortion.

It was the hardest decision I have ever made and I never have regretted it. It allowed me to pursue my dreams and I recently graduated and am in the process of becoming a licensed psychologist. My life is wonderful and I have had the opportunity to grow emotionally in ways that wouldn't have been possible if I had that baby. That being said, I still miss the baby I never had, but the baby I will have will be meet with financial stability and emotional stability that at 25 I did not possess!" —Renee

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