I’m a 17 year old girl, I've been with my boyfriend a little over 3 years...

"I’m a 17 year old girl, I've been with my boyfriend a little over 3 years. And before a biased judgement, I'll just add that I was on the contraceptive pill and have been for 4 years (to control periods, but nonetheless was on the pill) and I got caught pregnant. I'm on a no break pill which means I don't have periods, however I noticed my body had started to change and I felt a lot less like me and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. So before work one night I went to a health clinic to rule out the returning worries of pregnancy, I never even took a home test and it turned out I was in fact pregnant, and 9 weeks!

I was traumatised, I didn't want to be in this situation nor did I want to have to make this decision, but the truth is I wasn't ready for a child, I have so much I intend to do in terms of my career and my boyfriend feels the same way, so decided after a lot of stress to go for a termination. Obviously with me being at the 9 week point, it had to be a surgical termination.

I was unbelievably nervous and very apprehensive about the entire day, but my mum came with me after a long conversation. I arrived onto the ward a little after 7:30, was changed into a gown and sat on my bed for some time. A nurse came down to give me some tablets to open my cervix about 8:40 and I was taken to theatre an hour later! When I got to theatre I had to have an IV fitted into my hand, and it turns out I have very dainty veins so unfortunately they had to poke and prod at me with several needles before finding a vein, but the staff were all very lovely and comforting, which I really did need at that time!

All I remember after that was being taken into the theatre surgery room and swapping from my trolley to the surgery bed, after that all I remember is coming round in recovery! They gave me some more antibiotics in recovery, however my IV had moved so they had to fit another one (I know, again) but it didn't hurt and again the nurses were very pleasant and reassuring. I was shortly taken back to the ward, given some toast and a drink then released just under an hour later at around 12:30.

I've since only had really very mild cramps and light bleeding and after reading a few horror stories online I was dreading the post-abortion pain but I feel totally fine with very very mild cramps, totally bearable. I definitely feel as though I chose the right choice for me, I try not to think to hard about the alternative because I could be very easily consumed by the guilt, I just hope nobody else feels ashamed because the only thing worse than giving up a child would be to give a child life and then neglect that life. All in all, a completely fine experience." —Annie

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